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FİMA MAKİNA has adopted the policy of quality products and reasonable prices at the right place and time, on the way to which it started with a professional staff with a perfectionist approach.


Expanding its product range day by day, FİMA MAKİNA closely follows technological developments and contributes to the country's economy with the happiness of producing environmentally friendly products that make human life easier.


The importance FİMA MAKİNA attaches to quality starts with the selection of raw materials and covers all processes from production to delivery of the product to the customer. These works, which are carried out meticulously within the understanding of high quality, prioritize customer satisfaction.


In order to increase our strong brand value day by day, we proceed by producing products, services and projects with our principles of honesty, quality and reliability. We adopt the principle of working with a focus on satisfaction with all our customers, stakeholders, business partners and employees.


To become Turkey's worldwide reliable and respected barrier brand, constantly developing in our field of expertise, leading the sector with sustainable growth, in order to increase the effectiveness and awareness of FİMA MAKİNA in national/international markets.


Working with a customer focus; We maintain the superior satisfaction level by anticipating the wishes and demands of our customers.

Innovation and quality; we work to be the pioneer of the sector, to develop innovative ideas and products, and we always aim for quality products.

Open communication, transparent management and teamwork; We keep the participation of our employees at the highest level in all processes. We adopt to work as a participant and as a team.

Sustainability; Together with our brand, we work with all our strength so that all of our values can sustain sustainable success.

Konveyör Bant Sistemleri Fima Makina
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