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Montaj Hattı İçin Konveyör Bant Sistemleri
Konveyör Bant Sistemleri
Konveyör Bant Sistemleri


      Band selection ; It is made according to the type of product to be transported  ve  Speed can be adjusted according to need. Can also be used as fixed height or adjustable units. They are general purpose conveyors suitable for carrying all kinds of boxed, bulk and packaged products.

     Conveyor belt systems, which are powered by a motor, are mostly used in narrow areas because it is not possible to use them in spacious areas. is preferred. Before carrying out the transportation process related to conveyor belts, the material to be transported should be considered in the selection of these belts and it is an extremely important issue to choose according to the engine power and the structure of the material to be transported.


     Conveyor belts are preferred much more intensely than many transportation systems because they are extremely practical and robust. Despite this, it should always be prepared against possible risks and the choice between tapes and materials should be made correctly. In addition, conveyor belts are systems that carry out transportation operations without any problems under many conditions.


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Konveyör Bant Sistemleri

Konveyör Sistemleri

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